Marina Silva defends call for new presidential elections

- 06 de Abril por EBC

Former Minister Marina Silva defended Tuesday (Apr. 5) a call for new presidential elections, should it be proven that money from corruption scheme has "changed the sovereign will of the Brazilian society in the elections" of 2014. According to Marina Silva, if money from corruption scheme was used "to rig the elections, the license for Rousseff-Temer coalition should be revoked." In this case, "the constitutional path for new elections must be the Superior Electoral Court (TSE)", reported the former senator and founder of Sustainability Network (REDE).

Without admitting that she would be a candidate in this case, Marina Silva said she believed that this is more legitimate way than to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. "Before talking about candidacy, we have to give society the opportunity to vote," the former minister declared when launching REDE's campaign: “Neither Dilma, Nor Temer, New Election is the solution.”

Marina Silva, who ran for president by the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) in 2014 election, does not accept ousting President Dilma Rousseff, for Vice-President Michel Temer take office. "There is no vice-president elected without having elected a president. If the election used money from a corruption scheme, the entire coalition is involved," she stated.

According to the former minister, we cannot do "absolutely nothing" contravening the Constitution. "Impeachment proceedings go through a formality, but it does not reach the goal because after that, we'll have the vice president, who together with the president, is also responsible for the crisis that we are facing in politics and in Petrobras case."

For Marina Silva, the Superior Electoral Court is the best way because if allegations probed by Operation Car Wash are proven, the court itself may lead impeachment. "Then, we will complete the formality and purpose, which is to give the 200 million Brazilians the opportunity to rethink the nation's path."

On Monday (Apr. 4), Senator Valdir Raupp (member of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party—PMDB) proposed, during a speech in the floor, to bring forward presidential elections for October this year. Thus, it would be possible hold presidential elections with municipal elections. According to the senator, this would respond to the clamor of some recent protests.

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