Rousseff reaffirms she will not resign

- 04 de Abril por EBC

President Dilma Rousseff reaffirmed on her official Facebook page Sunday (Apr. 3) that she will not resign from office. Her statement is a response to an editor's opinion column published on the Sunday edition of Folha de S. Paulo newspaper saying the president is no longer in condition to lead the country and therefore she had better resign.

The text posted on Rousseff's profile says “Sections of society that want Dilma out, which have advocated impeachment, are now calling for her resignation. That is how they avoid the shame of supporting an inappropriate, illegal, and felonious proceeding.” “I will never resign,” the president said.

Enclosed with the text is a nearly one-minute video with excerpts from an interview and a speech with Rousseff saying such things as “I have not committed a crime under the Constitution and the laws to give cause to the termination of my term. I will never resign,” and “Let's not mince words here, what is really going on is a coup against democracy, and I can assure you all that I won't accept that, and that's why I will not resign under any circumstances whatsoever.”

In an editorial titled “Neither Rousseff nor Temer,” Folha de S. Paulo newspaper said that the country will be stalled as long as Rousseff remains in office, and she now poses a barrier to Brazil's recovery. The text goes on to name Vice-President Michel Temer, saying he should acknowledge that he does not enjoy enough support from society, and it would be a “blessing” if the people were to regain power to elect a legitimate president. Temer's press office declined to comment.

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